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  • James Henry

    44 38.26%
  • Henry James

    57 49.57%
  • Other, James Isaac?

    14 12.17%
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    The association with the writer doesn't bother us since they are such strong family names, plus he wouldn't be known as Henry James, he'd be known mostly as just Henry or Henry 'surname'. James Bennett was on my list for sometime too as I love the meaning, and James Murdoch was another potential as Murdoch is a family maiden name.

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    I voted for James Henry but both are lovely! The only reason I ended up picking James Henry is because he'll mostly go by just first and last name in everyday situations and Henry P----ski has the same ending sound
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Henry James is a famous writer, so I vote James Henry. But it depends on which you'd rather call him!

    James Henry "Polanski" has great flow-- 1-2-3 syllables, all with the stresses in the right place.
    Agreed! Although I like Henry better than James, so I'd be tempted to opt for Henry James, just so Henry made more sense, but I like the nn options with James more than Henry (I think Jamie's adorable! But I do like Harry, too...). I would probably do something like Henry Isaac James, just so I could have Henry up front, but I wouldn't sound like a relentless Henry James fan.
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    Ashthedreamer : If dh agreed to 2 mn's I absolutely LOVE the combo Henry Bennett James..... but sadly 2 mn's has been vetoed thus far. He wants James, so I think if I got Henry I'd just have to be happy for that . I do love James too I'm just worried about it seemingly lacking that little sparkle, but my grandads memory certainly gives it that something special.

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    i voted for James Henry. I like both names very much, but lately Henry is being used everywhere, whereas James I hear as a first name much less frequently now.

    I like James Isaac a lot too, but wasn't sure of the importance of Isaac?

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