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  • Annabelle Birdie

    13 21.31%
  • Clara/Claire Birdie

    30 49.18%
  • Charlotte Birdie

    20 32.79%
  • Nola Birdie

    15 24.59%
  • May Birdie

    2 3.28%
  • Olive Birdie

    7 11.48%
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    Girls names are hard!

    Boys names have come to us so easily, girls names seem to be so hard for me! I like a lot of names, love a few & haven't felt like I've found "the one".
    Middle name will be Birdie after my grandma...thoughts on these?
    Feel free to add suggestions too!

    Annabelle Birdie
    Claire/Clara Birdie
    Olive Birdie
    Charlotte Birdie
    Nola Birdie
    May Birdie
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    i really like the simplicity of claire paired with the more eccentric birdie

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    Birdie is my parents' longtime nickname for me, and apparently was my paternal great-grandmother's name (though we think she was really Bertha, called Birdie or perhaps Bertie). I love the spunk and sweetness, but she calls for a more sophisticated first name.

    Annabelle Birdie - I like the sound of Annabelle, and she's a solid Isabelle alternative, but I've always found Annabelle to be quite sweet. In a sugary way, not quite a charming way. With Birdie, she's (1) on the long side and (2) perpetually young.

    Claire Birdie - Claire is the kind of name that pairs well with Birdie, style-wise, because she's neat and simple. However, the flow of Claire Birdie is abrupt, which leads me to...

    Clara Birdie - If this wasn't on your list, I was going to suggest it, because it's perfect. It has the right amount of sophistication paired with a tough of "feminine cozy." It's inviting and chic yet still playful. Plus, Clara is a name you don't hear very often, and you can call her Clare if you want to. Or Clara Bird. I love this name.

    Olive Birdie - Nope, you can't have a word first name with Birdie in the middle. It's just too much. Even though I find Olive quite alluring. Not passing for me.

    Charlotte Birdie - I think I should like this, but I'm just not sold yet. It's an overall pleasing combination, with the appropriate amount of sophistication and sweetness, but it doesn't come off quite as warm and striking as the above Clara Birdie. I did once have Charlotte on my own list, and I said I would call her Chickadee, which would be a fitting nickname for a little girl named Charlotte Birdie. I like this, but I am not in love.

    Nola Birdie - Nola is an alluring, offbeat name, so with Birdie as her middle name, she's just that much more offbeat exotic-y. Nola is feminine, playful, yet ages well. I do like this, but I'm not sure Nola is what I'd guess Seth and Flynn's little sister was called.

    May Birdie - I love May, especially this spelling, but another word name with Birdie is just a no-no. It's too much a spring day and not enough substance.

    Favorite is hands-down Clara Birdie. Second pick is Charlotte Birdie. Third pick is a begrudging Nola Birdie, because she intrigues me somewhat.

    Other ideas would be:

    Caroline Birdie
    Evelyn Birdie
    Georgia Birdie
    Hannah Birdie
    Katharine Birdie
    Matilda Birdie
    Ramona Birdie
    Thea Birdie
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    Clara Birdie is my favorite from your list. I agree with lemon that while Claire fits style-wise, but saying them together sounds too abrupt. Clara Birdie flows nicely, and Clara goes great with Seth and Flynn.

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    I voted for Claire. I love Nola, too, but don't think it pairs as well with Birdie. I think Charlotte works well,. Actually, Clara and Charlotte work the best with the middle name, but I prefer Claire to Clara.
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