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    The problem with Genevieve....

    Bear with my long-winded venting please!!

    From a young age, I remember thinking that if I had a girl I'd name her Genevieve. (and I thought if I had a boy I'd name him Sebastien or Oliver, but that's not happening lol)

    So, imagine my happiness when my hubby now said that's his favourite name if we had a third daughter.
    (Currently expecting a boy, but on the 5% chance they were wrong - we want to be prepared with a girls name too!)

    THE PROBLEM IS, a few things.
    1) Where we live: we live in a city with a huge French population, so here, it is pronounced the French way (and a lot of Genevieve's have an accent on one of the e's).

    2) I had a friend tell me that someone she knew (Anglophone) named her daughter Genevieve (in this city) and after TWO YEARS actually CHANGED her name to something super English like, Abigail, that had no other pronunciation, because she was sick and tired of introducing her as Genevieve but then having people echo back to her only the French pronunciation. We are not French, and although my hubby said he wouldn't mind if people pronounced it the French way, I have a problem with it, I'd prefer that if I give a child a name it just be one name, not two different names (it feels like to me anyway!).

    I've already seen this tendency when telling bilingual friends about our current top pick for a girl, I say "We like the name Genevieve" and they say "Oh, Jean-vieeve! I love that name!" It's odd to me, because they don't pronounce any of my other childrens names with a French accent! Anyway!

    I'm worried that if I named her Genevieve I'd be feeling the same name regret this other woman obviously did. I also wouldn't want to give my child a lifetime of explaining no, she's not French, yes she knows its a French name.

    3) I ALSO, HATE the nickname JEN (GEN).

    And I just had the icing on the cake experience....

    a professional with whom I'm in contact with, always said her name was Jen. I had no idea she was actually a Genevieve until just a couple days ago when she sent an email and I saw her signature on it. Also, her voicemail message on which she says her name, Genevieve is said so quickly that my English ear literally doesn't even pick it out, I couldn't ever hear that it was her name. That just makes me super uncomfortable with the name, if my English ear might not even pick up sometime when someone says my childs name!

    Also, when I went to reply to an email from this professional, my instinct was to type "Hello Gen," and I was literally peeved when I had to type out the whole thing because it is long, also going back down to the bottom of her email to double check her spelling and accent placement. So, what the heck, if I'm not willing to call someone else Genevieve, other people would definitely call my kid Gen eventually!!

    So for these reasons, I'm really feeling like Genevieve is not the name for us.

    I know we could move some day.. but that doesn't fix the Gen thing.

    Thoughts??? Experiences??? Thank you berries!
    (on the hunt for a new favourite now.....)

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    For the nickname, the professional Genevieve that you know calls herself Gen. If you called your Genevieve something else (like Vivi or Eve) she would introduce herself that way in the future and people would know NOT to call her Gen/Jen.
    Since you don't like the French pronunciation, you could put it in the middle spot?

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    The way I see it you have two options 1) constantly try to correct people (probably futilely) or 2) grin and bear it. If I were in your shoes, I would probably just find another name...but then again my favorites are many and change over time so it's not hard to find something else I like.

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    Yeah, as gorgeous as it is, I would probably choose another name. There are too many concerns here.

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    Ha, we have a very similar issue except opposite?

    I'm French and live in a bilingual city. I love Geneviève, strongly dislike Genevieve. I don't want the English population to pronounce it the English way. I sadly had to remove it from my list.

    I also dislike Gen, but met a Genevieve who went by Evie, so that's a thought.

    As a Marie-Eve, I understand the daily struggle of the Eve in a bilingual environment (Eeve vs Ehv pronunciation). Therefore I wouldn't use it, even if it's a gorgeous name.
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