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    Cool I need girl suggestions!

    Hey everyone! I am new to posting on the boards, though not new to the site in general.

    We are currently expecting baby number #4 and I have a couple fave boys names but there are ZERO girl names that feel right and I could totally use some fresh suggestions! Meanings are very important to me, and this baby feel like a miracle after two miscarriages last year and such a gap between it and our youngest (6 years).

    Our other children: Gabriel Allen, Ezra Paul, and Stella Greer

    I would prefer a non-Biblical name and one that IS NOT 2 syl. ending in A (which seems to be all that I even do like). I am pretty open to names and can go quirky and different. I don't have a set style I do like, but I DO NOT like anything that popular. Ten years ago, I didn't know any Gabriels. :/ Also, if it's a long name, I like nicknames.

    thanks so much for any help!

    Also!! Our last name is prn. liv-uh-see I had really liked Olive but someone told me it was awful with our last name.

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