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    I agree that Olive doesn't sound nice with your surname, which is a shame because it's such a sweet little name. Here are some other ideas:

    Juliet- It's strong and feminine. Meaning: youthful
    Lucy- Very sweet. I also love the alliteration between it and your surname. Meaning: light (a nice connection to big sister Stella)
    Phoebe- Spunky! Meaning: bright, shining one (another nod to Stella)
    Miriam- One of my favorite names. Meaning: wished for child
    Dorothea- It's long and lilting and lovely. Meaning: gift of God
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    Hi! Congrats on baby #4! Hope you find some inspiration on this site.
    Gabriel Allen, Ezra Paul, and Stella Greer... and
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    Ophelia Liv-uh-see (ends in A, I know :-) )
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    Dorothy Liv-uh-see
    Juliette Liv-uh-see
    Naomi Liv-uh-see (Biblical, but oh-so-fabulous!)
    Millicent "Millie" Liv-uh-see
    Meredith Liv-uh-see
    Gretchen Liv-uh-see (two syllables, but seems longer somehow...)
    Winifred "Winnie" Liv-uh-see
    J/Gillian "Jill" Liv-uh-see
    Caroline Liv-uh-see
    Madeleine Liv-uh-see
    Jacquelyn Liv-uh-see
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    thanks so much!! I will pick out my faves from each list in just a few so you can get an idea!!

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    Likes (and a few thoughts about each)

    Violet-- Every once in a while when I say it I hear violent...It's weird I know but it does bother me.
    Ivy-- I worry about Ivy liv-uh-see sounding too repitive
    Ruby-- It's really cute but for some reason I can't get 100% on board with it
    Lark-- really's different and unique, but not quite feminine enough
    Evangeline-- I think this is super pretty, but do worry that the feel of it makes Stella stand out in a weird way in my sib set?
    Pearl-- Hubby isn't very keen on this as a first name, but it's my fave middle name
    Imogen-- sweet, but not in love with Gen as a nickname
    Elinor/Eleanor-- Looove these..but not huge on the El sound as Stella is called Stella Bella about 80% of the time.
    Beatrice/Beatrix-- I loooooove Beatrice. This is probably my current favorite, but in our little church there is a little Beatrice already and I know people are weird about "name stealing" and things so I have been avoiding names of friends and people I know.
    Audrey-- Love and I think it fits well with my other kids names, but not sure it's different enough for what I want to go with for our last? On the fence with this one
    Carys-- really pretty..but I have a SIL Cari and they feel too close to me?
    Edith-- Sweet and different but I'm a big Downton fan and although Edith isn't awful the association does bother me a little. She's just so...meh...
    Francesca-- Pretty..not sure if I could avoid Franny though and not sure how I feel about it.
    Juliet- Very pretty, but my BFF is Julie and so I would probably only use this a middle name
    Lucy- See...I always kinda though Lucy Liv-uh-see didn't work well. Hubby didn't like the way they sounded together
    Dorothea- This is actually one of my short list names at the moment because we talked about using Thea, but I wanted to avoid the 2 syl a thing. My gma was Dorothy. But Dorothea isn't my fave. Also thought about Theadora...but it feels so Wizard of Oz
    Ophelia- This is really pretty...but it's very long and the nicknames aren't obvious...I can't think of one at the moment. My family loves nn's..which is annoying at times, but something I have to think about. :/
    Naomi -- I actually really like this one, but won't use Biblical only because people point out that Stella isn't biblical all the time and then she would really stand out
    Madeleine -- really like this, but worry she would be lost in a see of Maddy's

    I'm an over thinker I think is my problem!

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