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  • Freya

    20 51.28%
  • Nina

    14 35.90%
  • Imogen

    16 41.03%
  • Ines

    8 20.51%
  • Marion

    6 15.38%
  • Thea

    18 46.15%
  • Aoife

    3 7.69%
  • Harriet

    9 23.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Help me shorten my short list!

    I like short artsy names, ones that are sort of vintage as well. Uncommon but not unheard of...

    I already have a stunning Orla Rose (so many people seem to hate or dislike her name. I feel terrible for her now even though I still adore the name). I think this time I will do a short survey of opinion, please don't be mean about Orla.



    I'd really like more suggestions but will just add I really don't like girls names like Kaylee/Mackenzie/Skyler/Maddison/Riley/
    and I cringe over boys names like Callum/Cooper/Caleb/Kody/Jackson etc.

    Thank you!

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    My favorites from your list are



    Orla is lovely! The only thing that I see being bothersome is the "ah" ending of my favorites! haha! Other than that I think these all make a nice sounding sibset: Orla, Freya and Lewis or Orla, Marion and Alastair.

    Nina Marion and Orla Rose make a beautiful pair too! Ooh so does Rowan Lewis and Orla Rose!! Oh goodness I'm no help at all, you have wonderful taste in names
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    I love the name Thea!!!!!
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    My favourties that would work nice with Orla Rose (which I find cute!),
    1. Freya
    2. Ines
    3. Thea
    followed by Nina

    1. Leon
    2. Alastair
    3. Euan
    followed by Rowan

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    Freya- It’s always reminded me of Vikings. Freya sounds strong yet feminine, like Orla. I like it.
    Nina- One of my favorite names. I think it might be a little too dainty next to Orla, but it could still work.
    Imogen- It sounds fantastic with Orla!
    Ines- I don’t like Ines at all. It reminds me of a rather cruel lunch lady. What about Agnes?
    Marion- Pretty…I’m not sure I like it with Orla.
    Harriet- Harriet shares a powerful sound with Orla. Although I like Harriet, I love Hattie.
    Thea- Thea (like Nina) sounds dainty paired with Orla, but it’s still a viable choice.
    Aoife- One of my favorite Irish names! It’ll be a guilty pleasure because of pronunciation issues, but if that doesn’t bother you, I think it’s fantastic as a sister to Orla.

    Keep: Freya, Imogen, and Harriet

    Euan- Euan is one of my favorites as well. I like it with Orla.
    Leon- It’s not really my style, and the “L” in Orla runs into the “L” in Leon when they are said together.
    Samuel- I think Samuel is a little too sweet to be a brother to Orla/
    Lewis/Louis- Although I love Louis, I think it has the same problem as Leon.
    Alastair- A perfect sibset if I ever heard one!
    Arthur- I like Alastair better.
    Rowan- I don’t think it fits with Orla.
    Henry- I think Henry is too mild compared to Orla. What about Heinrich?

    Keep: Euan and Alastair
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