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    Firstly, I am in love with Henry Atlas - adorable!

    Now onto Margot:

    It's hard to comment on whether the rhyming is an issue with your surname without knowing exactly what that is. Personally I think Margot Pinot is too rhymey but if you think Margot works with your surname and your ok with the rhyming then go for it. I went through a stage of loving Violet but decided instantly we couldn't use it because our surname ends in -et and has a 'v' in too - but that's just me!

    Some mn ideas you may like:

    Margot Rune
    Margot Sailor
    Margot Taylor
    Margot Ramona
    Margot Alice
    Margot Beatrix/Beatrice
    Margot Tabitha
    Margot Tallulah
    Margot Clementine
    Margot Juniper
    Margot Sage
    Margot Celeste
    Margot Persephone
    Margot Pandora
    Margot Thea
    Margot Nova
    Margot Aura/Margot Aurora
    Margot Harper
    Margot Ivy
    Margot Wren
    Margot Piper
    Margot Blythe
    Margot Riley
    Margot Arden
    Margot Reese

    Lastly, I prefer Margot to Margo (it seems more complete to me) I and would always spell it this way. I also love the spelling Margeaux

    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Margot is one of my favorites! I prefer the -ot ending.

    The sound of Margot Pinot does run together. When you say it quickly it is hard to distinguish the first name from the last name. If your name starts with an "F" this issue is even worse. I hear one word: "Margofino" which sounds like the name of a wine.

    From your signature names I love the sound of Louisa "Finot" and Juliet "Finot". The -a ending and hard -t endings flow better. Also the three-syllable first names balance the shorter last name.

    Louisa Page Finot
    Louisa Calliope Finot
    Louisa Poet Finot
    Juliet Sunday Finot
    Juliet Isis Finot
    Juliet Demeter Finot

    Anything appeal?
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    First of all, the English pronunciation of Margot is one of my most hated names so I'm a little biased.

    I think "Margot Pinot" sounds almost cartoonish.

    I'd definitely spell it Margot or Margaux. Margo looks incomplete as a formal name. However again, if you want to shy away from spelling complications I don't think a name with 3 acceptable spellings is the ideal choice.

    Henry & Margot also reminds me of the infamous couple Henry of Navarre and Margot de France, but I'm a history/movie nerd. I doubt the association would be a problem.

    Margot isn't as traditional/down-to-earth as Henry so I don't think you could pull off something too adventurous. Looking at your list, I'm thinking something like Margot Gemma, Margot Lucy, or Margot Catherine / Margot Kate.
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