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    Help with Margot

    Hi! We found out we are expecting a baby girl this summer.

    We thought we had found THE name, but now we are back to discussing options.

    What do you think of Margot?

    My husband and I both like it, which is kind of rare.

    Our last name also ends in "ot" with the "t" being silent (like Pinot but starts with an F). Does this sound too rhymy together? To me it is rhythmic but works. But I'd like opinions. Also, if it is rhymy, is that a deal-breaker?

    Any ideas for midde names with Margot? Our style is classic mixed with spunky and adventurous. Our son is named Henry Atlas, so we want something that goes well with that (but we don't necessrily need to stick with mythological names). We also like word names and literary associations. I am thinking something short with Margot.

    My favorite combination so far is Margot Page. I also like Margot Scout.

    Also, do you think the spelling Margot is more common than Margo? I wanted to stay away from names with spelling variations, so my kiddo doesn't have to deal with spelling confusion. Do you prefer Margot or Margo? Do you think most people would spell it one of those ways, or always be confused about how to spell it?

    Okay, can you tell I am in over-think mode?!

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    l prefer Margot to Margo; to me, it seems more polished/refined.

    Margo is the more popular spelling in the United States.

    My favorites for you:

    Henry Atlas {and}

    Jasper Locke/York, Julian Brave/Fox/Valor/Wilder, Peter Brave/Fox/Locke/York, Thomas Brave/Crusoe/Currier

    Catherine Glory/Liberty/Whimsy, Julia Merit/Sonnet/Story, Louisa Merit/Poet, Lucy Blythe/Holiday, Margot Rhapsody
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    I dunno about the whole rhyming thing, but if you do end up using Margot, how about:
    Margot Apolline?
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    i like margaux

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