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    Great combos! My favorite is Lena Victoria! Stunning! All work well together as siblings.

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    I actually really love Lena Victoria. Mila Elizabeth and then Nora Madeline would be my next favorites here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devonnw85 View Post
    Tessa Rosemary
    Mila Elizabeth
    Julia Katherine
    Lena Victoria
    Nora Madeline

    What do you think of these names? We will most likely use Tessa and Mila if we have 2 girls as those are the ones that hubby loves as well. But I want to have some backups in case. Which do you think make the best sisters? Thank you all!
    Mila Elizabeth - Mila is a great name. She feels modern yet due to her strong Eastern European influences she's like a classic. Elizabeth sounds great with Mila.

    Julia Katherine - Julia is a strong classic she sounds fresh and feminine with Katherine. I prefer Juliet though or Juliana but still Julia is lovely.

    Lena Victoria - Lena is a lovely name as is Victoria (it's my name) but I feel the run of the double 'a' is off beat and doesn't right.

    Nora Madeleine - I dislike the name Nora it just sounds unattractive in my eyes. I would prefer maybe Eleanor? Madeleine is a lovely choice.

    : )

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    Thank you for all the useful feedback! I let my husband at the list and here is what is left...

    Tessa Rosemary
    Mila Elizabeth
    Lena Victoria
    Julia Madeline

    And he wanted to add Hayden Alexandra and Kelsey Josephine....Wdyt of these?
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    My favourites are;
    1. Mila Elizabeth
    2. Nora Madeline
    3. Tessa Rosemary

    If I were to make my own combo's my favourites would be;
    1. Mila Rosemary
    2. Nora Elizabeth
    3. Tessa Madeline

    I don't particularly like Julia, I feel its a tad old, Victoria seems harsh and dated. Katherine is okay but it too feels slightly dated.
    Love Lena, (pr Lay-na), but as a nickname only. Its a nn for Milena in my lists!

    I love Alexandra and Josephine as middles, especially with your elegant style! But Hayden and Kelsey are to trendy and bland, I think you would be able to find lovelier first names to compliment these middles and the rest of your combos
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