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    We can handle it...your honest thoughts, comments and suggestions please

    We're expecting our second child in a few months - a brother or sister for Oscar - and are struggling to come up with a name either way. Right now, although we change our minds too often, our front runners are:

    Girl - Olivia Jaimes (or James)
    Boy - Winston Cole

    With Olivia, we wonder about using a boy middle name. With Winston, we wonder about using a pet name.

    We would be so grateful for the views of the masses!

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    I've never really liked Olivia, and never understood why it's so popular, but if it's a name you truly love then go for it!

    James on the other hand, (however you spell it) is a BOYS name. So a few people have used it for girls, it doesn't change the fact that it has a looooong and vibrant history of use solely as a BOYS name. Unless you are honouring someone (in which case can I suggest using a feminine version of James?) then I would look elsewhere for a middle. If it's the 'J' sound you love, there's always:
    Olivia Jane, Olivia June, Olivia Juno, Olivia Juniper, Olivia Jessamine, Olivia Joan, Olivia Jean...

    I really like Winston Cole. It's strong and handsome and goes well with Oscar.
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    I really like unisex names. Unisex names. Not every name is a unisex name, James is not. Is it a family name? That would make it slightly slightly different, but even then... The middle name James is such a Celebrity thing.

    Also I find Olivia so feminine that most unisex names (which are often word names or occupational names or surnames) sound like a second surname.

    Olivia Riley
    Olivia Rory
    Olivia River

    could work.

    I'd stay away from too many vowels.

    Winston Cole is fine.

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    I like both names, although I prefer Olivia James to Olivia Jaimes. A lot of celebrities (like Jennifer Love Hewett) are using James as a middle name for their daughters. It's not my personal style, but since you have such a feminine name in front, I think it's fine.

    Both of your combinations complement Oscar nicely! I like it.
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    I don't love Olivia, but I don't mind it. But I just cannot get behind Jaimes/James for a girl. Then again, I don't even like it for a boy either. I just don't think its an attractive name. Sorry!

    I do like Winston Cole though. I've known several Winston's, and I've never thought of it as a pet name.
    Expecting baby number one on December 30th.

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