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    Clementina vs. Clementine

    What are your impressions of Clementina? Do you see her very differently from Clementine? I've always loved Clementine's sunny, country feel but I that 'tyne' ending always bugged me, plus its becoming quite popular in the UK; Clementina seems to solve that rather nicely.

    (P.s. I'm not expecting a little girl, just thinking ;-))
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    Also, do you think Callie would work as a nickname for Clementina? I always liked Minnie as a nn for either Clementine or Clementina, but I've never found a long version for my beloved Callie!
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    I prefer Clementine. I think Callie would work as a nickname for either. I actually find it very sweet.

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    Clementina is beautiful especially if you're after the -teen sound, rather than -tyne (I think most people in the UK will say clem-uhn-TYNE)

    I guess Callie could work for either, though I prefer Minnie.
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    I recently posted about the name Clementine.

    I love Clementine and momentarily had this internal debate between Clementine / Clementina. In the end, the way you described Clementine is why that name won. Clementina is also very pretty, but it gives me a different impression. It is a little overdressed for my taste (and my taste overall is more spunky, girly but not frilly) so that's just me.

    Callie seems like a stretch for me. But then I like the nn Mina for this one and that's a bit of a stretch too. Other nn I love with this are Em, Emme and Ty (with Clementine) and for little ones Lemon and Tiny. Minni or Minna totally works too.

    I have Calla on my shortlist, though I'm not sure you would call a Calla Callie, you could. The only long variation of Cal I would consider is Calantha, though in the end, I just love Calla more. Callie works as a standalone name

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