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    Can you help me with baby name meanings?

    Hi berries, I am really interested in finding some boys names that have undeniable charm in their meanings. I love the girls name Imogen for its meaning 'beloved child' and wondered if there is a male equivalent? Also names like Ryan 'little King', Theo/Matthew/Nathaniel 'gift of god' all appeal for their meaning, along with Rastus 'love' (although I can't ever see this in use)...... Can you please help suggest others with equal sentiment. Thanks so much!!!

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    If you use, you'll be able to find something close to. Here.
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    Reuben means 'behold, a son!' which I always thought was just so joyous.
    Jonathan is another that means gift of G-d.
    Saul means 'asked for' or 'prayed for'
    Malachi means 'my angel'
    Lev means "heart" in Hebrew and "lion" in Russian.
    Malik means king, as does Rex.
    David means "beloved" and Jedidiah means "beloved of G-d"

    Reuben David, for instance, might get you sort of what you want?

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    Rule 1: NEVER use Nameberry (or many "baby name sites") for meanings! Use an etymological dictionary (like Oxford's First Names) or (the only comprehensive, trustworthy name site).

    Imogen does NOT mean "beloved child"; it's a Shakespearian name, a misspelling of Innogen (possibly meaning "maiden).

    Some boys names meaning "love", "beloved", or "wanted for":
    Amandus ("lovable", Latin)
    Amatus ("beloved", Latin)
    Caron ("to love", Welsh)
    David ("beloved, Hebrew)
    Erasmus ("beloved", Greek via Latin) —*also Rasmus, Elmo
    Erastus ("beloved", Greek via Latin)
    Leofric ("love power", Old English)
    Philon ("love", Greek)
    Philetus ("beloved", Greek)
    Ren ("romance, love", Japanese)

    "King"/"ruler" names:
    Alaric ("all ruler", Germanic)
    Basil ("king", Greek)
    Brendan ("king", Welsh)
    Brennus ("king, prince", Celtic via Latin)
    Donald ("ruler of the world", Celtic)
    Edric ("blessed ruler", Old English)
    Frederick ("peace ruler", Germanic)
    Griffith ("lord, prince", Welsh)
    Harold ("army leader", Germanic)
    Henry ("home ruler", Germanic) - also Emery, Emory, Amery
    Idris ("ardent lord", Welsh)
    Maël ("prince", Breton)
    Regis ("king", Occitan)
    Rex ("king", Latin)
    Roald ("famous ruler", Old Norse)
    Riordan ("little poet king", Irish)
    Rory ("red king", Irish)
    Theodoric ("people ruler", Germanic) - also Derek
    Walter ("army ruler", Germanic)
    Xerxes ("ruler over heroes", Persian via Greek)
    Zoltán ("sultan, king", Hungarian)

    "Gift" names:
    Doron ("gift", Greek)
    Isidore ("Isis' gift", Greek)
    Jesse ("gift", Hebrew)
    Mattan ("gift, Hebrew)
    Matthew ("god's gift", Hebrew) —*also Matthias, Mathis, Mathias, Matias, Mattia
    Theodore ("god's gift", Greek) —*also Feodor
    Theodosius ("god giving", Greek)
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    I have found behindthename to be the best one, by far.

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