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  • Alia

    22 26.19%
  • Aalia

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  • Aaliyah

    39 46.43%
  • Aliyah

    14 16.67%
  • Aliya

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    Please choose preferred spelling

    We are considering the name Alia/Aalia/Aliyah/Aaliyah/Aliya for a girl but are not sure of which spelling to use. My husband doesn't really care, but I think it can make a difference. I can't make up my mind and just feel confused. What spelling is the best in your opinion?

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    The traditional spelling is Aaliyah. It's a real Arabic name, but it's a very trendy name, too (for non-Arab people). I think any other spelling would be very tacky tbh.
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    I would go with Alia as it's the most straight forward, easiest to spell, and figure out the pronunciation of.
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    Aaliyah or Aliya imo. I get that you should use the Aaliyah spelling, however, it has some tragic connections.

    There was a very famous, young American singer named Aaliyah (think of the 1990's Rebecca Black with talent), who died in 2001 in a plane crash. She and the crew filming her music video were very eager to head back to the US from the Bahamas, where they were filming her final video, and the pilot ended up allowing the plane to attempt take off with 700lbs over the maximum allowed weight, and one extra passenger. All 9 passengers were killed, and it was a very upsetting, disturbing thing.

    As it turned out, it was the pilot's first ever official flying day - and he wasn't properly registered to fly. It ended up having a messy court case that was dismissed due to NY state not classing it as 'wrongful death'. I'm not sure how strong the connections still are, but I was about 5 or 6 when she died, and I remember my older cousins teaching me about her.

    Here is her wikipedia page, directly to the part about her legacy.

    She's the first thing I think of when I see the Aaliyah spelling, so I personally steer away from it. I don't see Aliya as being tacky.
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    I had friends growing up named Aaliyah and Alia, and those are my favorite. Most people my age can recognize Aaliyah due to the singer, and Alia is simple and straight-forward. Both are "valid" spellings of names with similar meanings and origins, so I would go with one of those two. Depends on how many vowels you want!

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