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    Nov 2012
    Syracuse, NY

    Generations With Initials

    dh: TJQ
    dw: VEQ

    ds: TJQ (junior)
    --ds: JJQ
    --dd: MNQ

    dd: PE (Q) C
    -dh: JMC (divorced)
    --dd: APC
    --dd: HEC
    --ds: JMC (not a jr)

    ds: Gaq
    -dw: NS (K) Q
    --ds: GAQ (junior)

    ds: MWQ

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    Aug 2011
    Theodore "Ted" John Quillin
    Valerie Evelyn Quillin

    -Theodore "Theo" John Quillin Jr.
    ---Jacob "Jake" John Quillin
    ---Madeline "Maddie" Nicole Quillin

    -Penelope "Penny" Evelyn (Quillin) Claypoole
    --Justin Michael Claypoole
    ---Alice Penelope Claypoole
    ---Hermione Evelyn Claypoole
    ---Julian Michael Claypoole

    -George Adam Quillin
    --Natalie Serena (Kosizek) Quillin
    ---George Adam Quillin Jr.

    -Matthew "Matt" William Quillin

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    Dec 2013
    dh: Thomas John Quentin
    dw: Vera Emmeline Quentin

    ds: Thomas John Quentin Junior
    -dw: Amanda Henriette Quentin (Scott)
    --ds: Jonathan Jasper
    --dd: Mandy Ninou

    dd: Patricia Eleonor Caspers (Quentin)
    -dh: Joe Michael Caspers (divorced)
    --dd: Ava Patricia
    --dd: Henry Easton
    --ds: Jacob Michael

    ds: George Adam Quentin
    -dw: Norah Seraphina Quentin (Kent)
    --ds: George Adam (junior)

    ds: Matthew William Quentin

    Thisbe Nathalia Primrose ~ Helen Guinevere Mathilde ~ Ramona Lily Harper
    Arthur Victor Michiel ~ Connor Lucas Jacob ~ Iann Hidde Crispin

    Other names: Edith ~ Claire ~ Agnes ~ Margot ~ Quinten ~ Henry ~ Lancelot

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    Sep 2013
    DH: Thomas James Quirke
    DW: Verity Elizabeth Quirke

    DS: Thomas James Quirke
    --DS: Jasper James Quirke
    --DD: Maeve Naomi Quirke

    DD: Poppy Emmeline Cavendish (nee. Quirke)
    >DH: Jacob Michael Cavendish
    --DD: Alice Primrose Cavendish
    --DD: Hannah Elizabeth Cavendish
    --DS: Jonah Matthew Cavendish

    DS: Gabriel Alexander Quirke
    >DW: Natalia Susannah Quirke (nee. Keyes)
    --DS: Gabriel Alexander Quirke

    DS: Marcus Wyatt Quirke

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    Feb 2013
    dh: Thomas Jeremiah Quincy "Tom"
    dw: Victoria Elizabeth Quincy

    ds: Thomas Jeremiah "Tommy"
    --ds: James Joseph Quincy
    --dd: Madeline Naomi Quincy

    dd: Patricia Elizabeth (Quincy) Carpenter "Patty"
    -dh: Jack Mitchell Carpenter (divorced)
    --dd: Amy Patricia Carpenter
    --dd: Hallie Elizabeth Carpenter
    --ds: Joseph Michael Carpenter "Joe"

    ds: Gregory Alexander Quincy "Greg"
    -dw: Natalie Sarah (Kobb) Quincy
    --ds: Gregory Alexander Quincy (junior) "Alex"

    ds: Michael William Quincy "Mike"

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