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    mamagamble Guest

    Sibling(s) for Hatter

    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I know this is premature, but I am just so excited about my pregnancy! I am due late November which is awhile away, but it'll go quicker than I think so I figured I might as well ask now!
    I have one son, Hatter Madley... and I was just wondering what name you guys think would pair well with his...I would like a boy name, girl name, and (just in case) a Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl/, and Boy/Girl twin names as well...

    I like
    Boy: Hannibal James (hesitant because of the continuous H names though)

    Girl: Pippa Jane or Azalea ______ (any middle name suggestions for Azalea?)

    Girl/Girl twins: _______ & ________ (i haven't really thought much on this one as I just lost twin girls)

    Boy/Boy twins: Jace MaCoy and Jovie Magee (were on my top list, but slowly fading in favor)

    Boy/Girl: Lux Alexander and Lennox Aurelia

    There are so many names I like, especially for twins, it's hard to write them all down!
    WDYT Berries?

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    casilda Guest
    Hatter Madley, as in the Mad Hatter?

    I'd definitely avoid Hannibal. He'll get Hannibal Lecter jokes from birth through adulthood.

    The twin names sounding the same is way too cutesy. Lux is feminine and Lennox is extremely masculine.

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    renrose Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Hatter Madley, as in the Mad Hatter?
    Yeah... my first thought was something like Katrina Cheshire... I don't think I'd be any help here.

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    Hatter Madley...erm,

    Pippa Jane
    Pippa Jane and Lux Ophelia or
    Lux Aurelia and Azalea Clarine

    Please, do not name any child, especially a boy, Jovie. Its the name of Zooey Deschanel's character in Elf, and that is all it is tied to. Also begging you not to choose Hannibal, that would be like naming your child Carrie Clarice, not a good idea. And please, do not swap genders for Lux and Lennox. Dont use them as twins if you don't have to, but definitely do not swap the genders.

    If Jace stays;

    Jace McCoy (MaCoy doesnt look correct...)and Bentley Magee
    Or Jace McCoy and Lennox Alexander.

    Lux Aurelia and Bentley Magee
    Azalea Clarine and Mackenzie Sawyer
    Pippa Jane and Lennox Alexander.

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    Yeah, I was thinking Mad Hatter, too...
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