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    Quote Originally Posted by _liesl_ View Post

    Hi liesl, They boys Names are Ryan Bevan & Callum Lewis

    She likes Aliyah but when she found ashalia she instantly clicked with it as it has the same ending 'lia' and sounded very pretty. I believe she has just got a new mobile for her sister so she will be able to come on here herself and reply now. So you will know what she thinks.xx but thank you for replying. xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by corylynn86 View Post
    I find Ashalia a little difficult to pronounce. Same with Melenia. I don't think it would be pronounced the way she wants it to be - is there a reason she doesn't like Melania?

    I do like Tamryn. It would definitely be my favorite and I really like Suri, but I feel like it might be a one person name at the moment.

    I hate Neveah with a passion and think there are a lot of people who also have strong feelings about this one so that might be something to consider. It's also pretty trendy.

    She seems like she is open to different names though, so maybe one of the rarer virtue names.

    I like the suggestions of Sienna and Zoey. What about:

    Rowan (means little red head)

    Hiya corylynn

    Im not sure im guessing it could be melania.. Her name is Melanie you see and her partner is Ashley hence these names.. kind of tributes.. if you know what i mean. I thinking she knows someone with a sienna. although she love the name but not couldn't see herself using it but as she has her phone back now shwe will be able to come on here and view your suggestions! xx

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    Well I would love two auburn haired daughters that would be fantastic!

    I feel that with brothers Ryan and Callum that the following names would make a good fit.

    Amelia this is about as pretty as names go and it has lots of lovely nn's too eg Mia, Melia, Mila, Amy, Mel, Leah and her sister would be Lucinda. Now there are lots of Lucys but not many Lucindas but everyone has to love a Lucy so this would be a great sibset.

    Amelia and Lucinda

    I can see that the flow of Ashalia is pretty but it is such a departure in style from the boy's names that I would be reluctant to go with it so that is why I suggested Amelia.

    I have always thought that Deidre is a great name for red haired daughter and because I also think of Pippi Longstocking I think that combo of Deidre Phillipa would be very sweet. But what to call her sister? Juliet Willow.

    I absolutely love the names Grace and Faith I would be inclined to call one daughter Faith Aurelia ( because of the red hair) and the other one Susannah Grace and if she wanted to she could use the nn of Suri for Susannah (at a stretch).

    Niquita sounds like the Russian boy's name Nikita so for me it would not be a contender.

    If she likes unusual names then perhaps she would like Calypso nn of Callie and Daria. Calypso Faith and Daria Grace.

    I like Tabitha and Phoebe.


    Tamsin and Dinah


    Clementine and Araminta


    Cassandra and Vivienne nn Cassie and Viva


    Xanthe (zan thee) and Talitha

    Psalm 23

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    I don't think she will be budging on the names Ashalia and Melania she just wants some names that would be good for the middle name spot. Just saying what i have been told. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailibsmum View Post
    I don't think she will be budging on the names Ashalia and Melania she just wants some names that would be good for the middle name spot. Just saying what i have been told. lol
    Aislinn is another name similar to Ashley (pronounced ash-lin). If she is going with the Melania spelling, I think that is really pretty.

    Melania Grace is pretty as well (wasn't a Grace another of her names). I could see Melania Suri too, depending on the last name - I really do love Suri.
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