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Thread: Twins girls

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    irisbella Guest

    Twins girls

    Hello ladies!

    I found out today Im having twins girls and Im over the moon
    now we need help with names.
    I really like Chloe and I would love them to be both french names. Any suggestions?
    We love Genevieve but if feel too long to go with Chloe.
    Oh its not set yet but but we ll probably go with Chloe Marie.

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    Some suggestions:
    Chloe & Annalise
    Chloe & Lea
    Chloe & Charlotte
    Chloe & Elise
    Chloe & Eva

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    What about Chloe and Sophie? Sophie is the French form of Sophia and means wisdom.
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    I'm having twin girls too!

    A name I really like that goes with Genevieve is Evangeline.

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