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    Harvey: Thoughts?

    The name Harvey for a boy has been growing on me lately.
    What do you think of it?

    I'd also like to hear some middle names you like with Harvey. I was thinking Harvey Caleb, and you?
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    I like Harvey too. It's the name of a Breton saint (Hervé) and has been around since the 6th century. It has a vintage charm and I like its spunky vibe too.

    Harvey Silas
    Harvey Leo
    Harvey Luke
    Harvey Sebastian
    Harvey Theodore
    Harvey Elias
    Harvey Thomas
    Harvey Alexander
    All the best,

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    I love Harvey! I think of it as old man vintage, but it would be adorable on a little boy, and I think cool/handsome on a young man.

    Harvey Elias suggested above is brilliant. A few others, Harvey Nathaniel, Harvey Bennett, Harvey Spencer, Harvey William, Harvey Donovan, Harvey Wyatt...
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    I like the name Harvey but can't help thinking of it as a bit dated, as I knew a lot of Harveys in the 60s.
    Middle name ideas:
    Harvey Alistair
    Harvey Gabriel
    Harvey Adair
    Harvey Amias
    Harvey Sullivan
    Harvey Julius
    Harvey Dominic
    Harvey Ezra
    Harvey Ezekiel
    Harvey Isaac
    Harvey Nathan
    Harvey Tobin
    Harvey Tobias
    Harvey Dashiell
    Harvey Jonathan
    Harvey Julian

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    This is a name I didn't think I would like, but then when I said it out loud and imagined on a real person or baby, I totally love it. Lol There really needs to be a more modern middle to balance out the "old man" aspect.
    Harvey Declan
    Harvey Asher
    Harvey Nicholas
    Harvey Owen
    Harvey Isaac
    Harvey Liam
    Harvey Brennan
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