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    I really want 4-6 children, even though I come from a family of 3 kids.
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    I'm with you. I've ALWAYS wanted a big family -at least more than four kids! My boyfriend is the oldest of seven and I'm the oldest of three. Because of that, he doesn't want that many...I disagree. I'd love a big family (if we could financially provide for all of them - although I believe God will take care of our family). I think in the end he would actually like having a larger family.
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    I come from a family of 5 kids, and my husband has just one sister, so his ideal is 2 kids. I went back to school and made a major career change in my mid-thirties, so we're expecting our first child in our late thirties. Because we're starting a family later in life, I think two sounds like a great number. If I had started a family a decade earlier, I think I might have wanted at least 3 kids. It's fun coming from a bigger family.
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    I come from a big family, one of eight and a baby sister on the way. So nine in total and while I love all of my siblings (I am slightly closer to my little sister, Patricia, only four years apart) I sometimes wished I had my space and attention from my parents. So that being said, I would want one child, maybe even push for number two after three-four years past. I don't know if I would be comfortable for more than that. I guess it would depend on my future husband and whatnot. Either way, I definitely know for sure that the age gap between each child will be 3 years+ I would want to able to bond with each baby, focus my attention on him or her and get to know them (and not stress) before I decide to have another one. I seriously don't know who some moms do it, they have a one year old and already with baby number two. I wouldn't be able to deal with that kinda stress, so kudos to them! I am no where near having a baby, heck I'm a teen berry after all. But I always have dreams of becoming a mom.
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    One, maybe two. Boyfriend is an only and I'm one of two. I wouldn't mind just having one kiddo I think... A family of three sounds so compact and portable!! Plus I have a fairly expensive and time consuming habit (horses) which I find pretty crucial to my happiness/mental well being, so more than one would be a real strain financially/time wise.

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