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    Red face How many kids do you want/have?

    Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted a big family. Like five kids or even more (if it works financially). I was wondering: how many kids do you guys want. or if you already have your family, how may kids do you have?
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    We have one 4 year old daughter, and number two is coming in April. I come from a family with 4 kids including me and my husband comes from a family with 5 kids, so we've both grown up in large families and loved it. We'd love 5 kids but realistically we can probably only afford 3-4 right now, but we'll see what happens!
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    We would love two, maybe three. We've always wanted a small family
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    In a perfect world I'd have 6 children - a set of fraternal girl twins, boy/girl twins, and two more boys (:

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    I'm one of five (I have two brothers and two sisters) and my boyfriend only has one sister so we disagree all the time when it comes to this, I want four whereas he only wants two so we will just have to wait and see what happens xo
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