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    Questions about Marlowe.

    Lately the name Marlowe has been growing on me. The thing that i'am worrying is that now that Sienna Miller use it for her daughter's name, people will think it's a girl.

    What do you all think?

    If you hear of a baby Marlowe would you assume it's a boy or a girl?

    Do you like or dislike the name?

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    Written down, Marlowe seems more feminine than Marlow. I don't even know who Sienna Miller is, but Marlowe is unisex to me. Could work for either gender as far as I'm concerned.

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    I think Harlow is a more masculine name...but very similar.

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    I think the Marlo spelling is more masculine
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    I've had a complicated history with Marlowe. It's been on my list from the beginning, but I've moved it from the boy's side to the girl's side and back again. My first impression of Marlowe was (and remains) that it's totally male. I think of the playwright Christopher Marlowe, and the detective Philip Marlowe. I've run the name past a few people and gotten mixed gender reactions, but, most importantly, everyone I've asked seems to think Marlowe is basically unisex -- there are no strong "girl's name!" or "boy's name!" reactions the way there would be for, say, Mary or Matthew. I was worried about using a name people find "feminine" for a boy, which precipitated the initial list-switch over to the girl's side, but now I realize that's ridiculous: Marlowe is a strong, stylish name (and for me it has a great deal of personal significance). It should be used on the gender you'd prefer to see it worn by -- which, for me, is male.
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