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    Our big family is running out of ideas

    Hello, my name is Leah Elizabeth & I'm married to Nathan Ezekiel.
    together we have 14 wonderful children, all with names we just love:
    - Gideon Ezekiel (16) (Ezekiel after his dad)
    - Jemima Salome (14)
    - Jason Nathaniel (13) (Nathaniel after his father)
    - Daniel Jonathan (13) (both Nathaniel and Jonathan mean 'God/Yahweh has given, Jonathan was the middle name of one of my brothers)
    - Matthew Jacob (12) (Matthew means Gift of Yahweh, Jacob after his grandfather)
    - Naomi Elizabeth (10) (Naomi was the middle name of one of my husbands sisters, Elizabeth is my mothers first name and my middle name and also the middle name of one of my husbands sisters)
    - Ruth Jedidah (9)
    - Hannah Tabitha (8)
    - Ethan Joseph (8) (Joseph was my youngest brothers middle name and the middle name of one of my husbands brothers)
    - Tobiah Zachary (6) (Zachary was my older brothers name)
    - Eleora Damaris (5)
    - Isaiah Andrew (3) (Andrew after another one of my brothers)
    - Abigail Grace (2)
    - Caleb Ronen (almost 1)

    We recently learned we are expecting another set of twins (not planned, bit of a shock) and I find it hard to pick names for them.
    We did set some rules:
    1.) It have to be Biblical (or Hebrew) names since we all have Biblical names
    2.) Silbings with the same sex can't share the same first initial (this is for mail and identification, makes it a lot easier especially with a large family, we had family members using the same first initial for all their children, and it could get confusing sometimes)

    For a girl we looked at the names the names:
    - Phoebe Susanna (Susanna after my birth mother, who passed away after I was born)
    and for the second twin (if they are both girls)
    - Michaela/Mikayla (would be named after one of my husbands brothers)
    - Chloe (not my favorite, husband does like it)
    - Shifra (means beautiful, not sure about this name)
    with the middle name being either Zakiah ('Pure') or Yakira ('precious')

    For a boy we looked at a few names:
    - Samuel
    - Simon
    - Seth
    - Aaron (after my youngest brother)
    - Levi (pronounced LAY-vee, not like the jeans)
    - Philemon (great meaning and sound, but would have the same initial as twin sister if we have B/G twins, something I don't really like)
    - Reuben/Ruben (great name, but we have friends with a son named Ruben, and one of their daughters has the same name as one of our daughters, so we would both have two kids with the same name)
    - Asher (love the meaning, would probably use it as a middle name for 'Twin B' if we are blessed with two boys)

    for the middle name we chose Thaddeus.

    Hope this all makes sense. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

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    What about Seraphim for a boy or Magdelena for a girl? There are so many amazing biblical names that are a little outside the box.

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    Magdalena is a big no here (we have a niece with this name and we don't want to name our daughter after her)
    Seraphim is quite nice but a little but too far out of the box for us.

    We decided not to use the name Chloe, since Jemima reminded us Chloe looks an awful lot like Cleo (one of our cats)

    So far we have been thinking of:

    Phoebe Susanna & Samuel Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Simon Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Aaron Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Levi Thaddeus
    Phoebe Susanna & Seth Thaddeus

    Phoebe Susanna & Michaela Zakiah
    Phoebe Susanna & Mikayla Zakiah
    Phoebe Susanna & Shifra Zakiah

    Boy/Boy our biggest list since we like several names and combinations of the names
    Samuel Thaddeus & Aaron Philemon
    Samuel Thaddeus & Reuben Philemon
    Samuel Thaddeus & Reuben Asher
    Simon Thaddeus & Aaron Philemon
    Simon Thaddeus & Reuben Philemon
    Simon Thaddeus & Reuben Asher
    Seth Philemon & Aaron Thaddeus
    Seth Philemon & Reuben Thaddeus
    Seth Thaddeus & Reuben Asher
    Levi Thaddeus & Aaron Philemon
    Levi Thaddeus & Reuben Asher
    Levi Thaddeus & Reuben Philemon
    Levi Philemon & Reuben Thaddeus
    Levi Thaddeus & Asher Philemon
    Reuben Thaddeus & Asher Philemon
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    Phoebe Susanna is lovely. I don't personally like Michaela - would you consider Esther or Eve? I wonder if they're more timeless.
    Esther Zakiah or Eve Zakiah

    For the boys I like:

    Samuel Thaddeus
    Levi Thaddeus
    Reuben Thaddeus
    Simon Thaddeus
    Seth Philemon (Seth Thaddeus doesn't flow well)
    Asher Philemon

    Favourites are:

    Reuben Philemon and Levi Thaddeus

    A. Marigold
    Wolfgang the pup

    Flora Hermione Luna Olympia Gwendolyn
    Fjord Hugo Oak Magnus Murray

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    I love Phoebe and Chloe- too bad that is out of the running.
    How about Mary? Marie? Magdalena is a nice suggestion too, from a previous berrie!

    Asher is my favorite boys' name lately. I also really like Simon. I like Thaddeus very much as a mn, but i agree that Seth doesnt flow well with it.

    Good luck with 16 children!

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