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    Gemma and Sienna are to rhymey, in my opinion.

    Gemma and Celia
    Gemma and Sophia
    Gemma and Nova
    Gemma and Eleanor
    Gemma and Beatrice
    Gemma and Olivia
    Gemma and Livia
    Gemma and Georgia
    Gemma and Gabriella

    Sienna and Allegra
    Sienna and Margot
    Sienna and Kara
    Sienna and Freya
    Sienna and Scarlet
    Sienna and Isla
    Sienna and Violet
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    I like the suggestions Kala way gave which have double letters in them as well, like Gemma and Linnea and Gemma and Corinna. It's a nice tie in for the names without being too obvious unless written.

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