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    Twin name ideas?

    What are your thoughts for a twin name for Gemma? Or Sienna? Do these names work together?

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    I think they work together, but, they might be a little close with the "mma"'and "nna" ending. I would probably jumble that up a little- but that's just me. Stylistically they're a great match!
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    Speaking as a twin I think there a little to close. Here is some pairings I would do...
    Gemma and Violet
    Gemma and Matilda
    Gemma and Rosalie
    Gemma and Eliza
    Gemma and Mabel
    Gemma and Margo
    Gemma and Vivian

    Sienna and Amara
    Sienna and Camille
    Sienna and Giselle
    Sienna and Helena

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    I agree with jsharris' comment, they're to close for me.
    How about...
    Gemma and Rose
    Gemma and Agnes
    Gemma and Lilian
    Gemma and Catherine
    Gemma and Susannah
    Gemma and Vera
    Gemma and Norah

    Sienna and Lucille
    Sienna and Mariella
    Sienna and Rose
    Sienna and Mae
    Sienna and Flora
    Sienna and Georgia
    Sienna and Felicia
    Sienna and Lola

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    I think they could work together. They are similar in sound but not really in style and usually I prefer the reverse (similar in style but not sound).

    Gemma and Farrah
    Gemma and Corinna
    Gemma and Willa
    Gemma and Linnea
    Gemma and Vienna
    Gemma and Deanna
    Gemma and Sasha

    Sienna and Leona
    Sienna and Mariah
    Sienna and Marissa
    Sienna and Briella
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