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    This isn't really me advice on a name, and it might be weird that I'm asking since I'm due with a baby girl at the end of the month (we've decided on Emilia Skye or Emilia Mary, by the way.. we plan to figure out the middle name before she gets here but we're just taking it casually for now) but I heard of a girl with this name and I couldnt find any information about it. Origin, meaning, people with the name, etc.

    Does anyone know anything about it or has ever heard it before? The girl pronounced it "LuhREE" but i thought it would be "Layree" or like the boys name Larry. I don't know why but I kinda like it. Not enough to use it, but she fit the name well. Would love to know if anyone knows anything about where it came from or if it's made up. Thanks!
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    First thoughts were: Larue and Larry and Alaire. I think this name could also be spelled Larie. I think it's pretty cute honestly. Would prefer it as a nickname, but has a french/cajun feel to it. And some'll probably think it's flat out made up but it sounds adorable. Then you have this cute little kid with the name and I feel like that influences my perception a lot more than the name alone, you know?

    Ah, just googled Larie, seems that you might get more info on it that way, or as a diminutive as Allaire.

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    It's probably just that: Laree. Or LaRee. I've seen it before. If you check on Facebook, you can see a lot of women with the name.

    From BabyNameWizard's website:

    Origin: Latin - English, feminine form of "Larry". Pronounced: La'Ray. Short for Lawrence which means "Crowned with Laurels or Glory". It can also be pronounced phonetically as La-Ree (emphasis on the e).

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