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    Lightbulb A Name We Both Can Love -- Finale!

    Our little girl finally made her arrival! We named her Dulcinea Tesla, nn Daisy.

    Dulcinea was inspired by the delightful song from the musical, "Man of LaMancha," which is based on Cervantes' Don Quixote. My husband and I are quite musical so this seems like a fully appropriate name for our girl. Have a listen here:

    Non-intuitive nicknames aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I like them, and this particular combo is perfect for *our* baby. We chose Daisy in honor of my mom: a pro florist, gardening enthusiast, and long-time daisy lover — who declared her own given name “too horrible” to pass down to grandchildren! She seems pretty thrilled with this roundabout approach to an honor name. The formal-name/nickname combination was also the perfect compromise between parents with opposing concerns: I thought Daisy was too casual for the birth certificate, while my husband opined that Dulcinea was too much name for everyday use. We really get to “have it all” with this name!

    The middle name was negotiated and reconsidered for weeks, and we finally settled on Tesla because of the meaning. The first and middle name together mean “sweet carpenter,” which we love because we are Christians. My techy husband is all about the bonus nod to the inventor. Interestingly, we remembered that I had been zapped by a damaged electrical cord this summer — and when we tracked down the date of the incident, realized that I had been pregnant at the time. Baby shows zero problems because of it, so we decided that this was definitely the right name for our little lightning ball.

    The Berry community here really went above and beyond to help me & my husband hash out what we were really looking for in our baby's name. I'd like to extend a particular "thank you" to the dozens of you who offered opinions and advice over the *months* of searching (you know who you are).

    One-month update: unexpected benefit of a nn that isn't just a truncated version of the full name? People either say the full name, OR use the nn. Both names are getting use...and never just half of the full name.
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    She's gorgeous and her name is absolutely darling in this case the nickname works well
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    Congratulations! Great choices.

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    Still swooning over Dulcinea, what a fabulous name for a beautiful little baby
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    Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful name and the meaning behind each name also! That little girl is incredibly blessed
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