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Thread: Arianwen?

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    I've been looking for more Welsh names to add to my list and came across Arianwen ... thoughts?
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    I think it is pretty, but I see the word arian in it which makes it unusable for me.

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    I love it! I'm Welsh and think Arianwen is a lovely name!
    There's also: Rhianwen, Rhianydd, Myfanwy, Angharad, Llinos, Cariad, Cerys, Carys, Seren, Tegan, Lowri, Eleri (Ell-air-ree, not like Celery).

    Remember there is no K or Q is welsh so any names with these beginnings are variations of original spellings
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    I think it's lovely

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    There are other "wen" names that I like better. I feel like this one is complicated with the abundance of vowels and so loses the appeal for me.

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