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    Name the babies! G1R2 (fantastique)

    Family 1:
    Allison Grace and Stephen Richard have two year old twin boys Rowan and Callen, and now are expecting a baby girl. They also decided to adopt a child so their daughter can be a "twin" just like her brothers. They found a young mother, Vanessa Charlotte, who has a one year old daughter named Skyla Ashleigh, and just gave birth to another daughter. Vanessa told Allison and Stephen that she wanted to keep both girls, but just couldn't. The couple decided they'd adopt the newborn, and care for Skyla until Vanessa graduates from college. They want her first name to be a variant of Charlotte, and her middle name to be a girly variation of a unisex name like Skyla's. They want their biological daughter's first name to end in -a and her middle name to start with "j".
    DS/DS: Rowan Keefe and Callen Bellamy (emitheduckling)
    DAD's bio. big sister: Skyla Ashleigh

    Family 2:
    Catherine Isabella and Alexander Jacob have two year old Victoria. Since Alexander has a low sperm count, he and Catherine decided to adopt twin boys from Ethiopia. Their first names should be timeless classics like Catherine, Alexander, and Victoria's, and one boy's middle name should honor their Ethiopian heritage, and the other boy's middle name should honor their birth mother, Amara Taraji.
    DAD: Victoria Leonore (peacheysmiles)

    Family 3:
    Myrtle Madison and Ulysses Tyler now have two sons, Ryker, who is six, and Axel, who is two. They now are expecting a daughter! They want her first name to have repeating syllables (like Mimi), and her middle name to start with 'G' and be rarely used in present times.
    DS: Ryker Edwin
    DS: Axel Leonard (s_dimples)

    Family 4: Genevieve "Jenny" Hester and Alfred "Alfie" Garrett had their daughter Devin two years ago and just found out they are expecting again! They also want to get a kitten for their family. The baby's gender will not be found out until birth, but again they want a set name for him or her. They want the first name to be a unisex name generally used for girls, and the middle to be a unisex name generally used for boys (like Mackenzie Aidan). The cat's name should be a made up or simple word that Devin can say.
    DD: Devin Taylor (drvc)
    DCat (female rag doll):
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