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    What do you do when nothing else compares?

    I'm not pregnant or even close to have children but names are on my mind constantly. My favourite boy's name has been and probably always will be Isaac. I have the combo picked out, Isaac Gabriel Arthur, and to my surprise my partner agreed - it has names I love and a family name too. However, if all goes to plan we will have more than one child so that is where I'm stumped, unless of course I have girls! For the first time in forever I am totally in love with my girl's list and would name a daughter any of the 7 combo's currently on it.

    The big problem that I have with my boy's list is that after Isaac I have no idea what I would name a second son! I cannot narrow down my style when it comes to boy's names. I love, love, love biblical name and would have son's named Isaac, Noah, Jude, Micah, Asher, Elijah, Caleb if I had my way but my partner isn't keen. He's accepted Isaac as my favourite boy's name but he's not loving the others at all.

    I like slightly obscure names such as Atlas, Castiel, River, Atticus, Orion, Rafferty, Ezekiel, Cato.

    I like some fairly popular names; Jacob, Jenson (trendy in the UK), Finlay, Noah, Rowan, Luca, Sebastian, Theodore, Elijah, Caleb, Jude.

    I like some fairly uncommon names; Casper, Milo, Roman, Xavier, Finn, Beau, Barnaby, Tobias, Rupert, Remy, Gideon, Micah, Solomon, Asher

    Neither of us like classic, traditional names such as Daniel, William, James, Thomas etc. However, what style goes best with Isaac if my partner isn't willing to budge on the other biblical names?

    If you had to suggest sibling names for Isaac what would you suggest? I just don't seem to love anything as much as Isaac. Sister's are likely to be one of Matilda, Beatrix, Persephone, Arabella, Olwen, Primrose & Tabitha, so very girly names.

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