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Thread: Baby Boys Name

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    Baby Boys Name

    Our first baby is a boy and is due in March. We have decided to name him (EE-luhn) but can't decide on the spelling of his name.

    Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Baby Boys Name

    I like Elan
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    Re: Baby Boys Name

    I also perfer Elan.

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    Re: Baby Boys Name

    Of those choices, I like Elan.
    I actually have a cousin who used this name, so it is fun to hear you will be using it! They get compliments all the time. They were concerned about his name getting confused with Evan, or pronounced like Ellen, so they decided to spell it Eallun instead of the traditional Elan.

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    Our little boy, aged 8,is named Elan ( prounouced Ee-lan) .We chose it after seeing it describe as a Native American name meaning " the friendly one ". Thankfully he is growing up into a lovely little lad who has a really caring and thoughtful nature......most of the time lol. We have seen it describe as a Hebrew name meaning tree but a Jewish friend of ours insists it is actually pronounced " illan " when used in Israel . We prefer our original choice. . Hope this helps . Geoff

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