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  • Artis

    2 7.14%
  • Artemis

    17 60.71%
  • Alva

    9 32.14%
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    Artis, Artemis or Alva?

    Flicking through some name pages and found the name Artis. I had never heard of it before, but it reminded me of Artemis and Alva. Artis is supposedly Scottish, and means Bear.

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    1 Artemis - I like the sound of this name.
    2 Alva - an underused vintage name.
    3 Artis - too much like the word "artist"
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    1. Artemis- cool, underused goddess name
    2. Alva- Prefer this one for a boy because my only association is Thomas Alva Edison
    3. Artis- I agree with Mischa, this sounds to much like artist
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    I chose Artemis.

    Alva sounds way too old to me, Alma would be better, in my opinion.

    Artis could be her nickname for Artemis. Aries, Emmie, or Reese would be nice nicknames.

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    I'd rank them:

    Artemis - Love it.
    Artis - yeah, it's close to artist, but I like its bold vibe and find it refreshingly unique
    Alva - Doesn't really do it for me. Just NMS.

    And I, too, could totally see Artemis nn Artis. Good way to use both.
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