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    I just love the name Adele, it's so sweet yet doesn't sound weak. It's on my own personal list and I would love to use it one day.

    Violet is becoming more and more popular but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I want to like it but can't remove the 'violent' connotation from my mind.

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    My personal favorite is Adele. Adele is pretty and sweet. I do not care for Violet. In all honesty I cannot read or see Violet without hearing and seeing violent. I'm sorry.

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    I prefer Violet....but I'm no help because I can't articulate why!

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    I know two Adele's one is my sister the other is a friends sister even though they are both 13 they get like the singer comments and my sister hates the nicknames Addie and Ada. On the plus side people have no trouble with her name and she's the first Adele most people have ever met. I would choose Adele because I really dislike Violet
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    Looks like you all are leaning Adele too

    We are currently thinking Adele Ellison. Ellison is the name of a special place for the two of us. And I think the two sound nice together.

    So maybe I need to start to let go of Violet after all. *sigh* Thank you for all your thoughts!

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