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    Please Reply!!!!

    I really am stuck! Here are my many questions and dilemmas:

    I love the names Aviana (nn Ava) and Eliana (nn Ellie) but they are way too similar for sibling names. Which name do you like better and are there any variants that don't end in ana/ann that are just as beautiful?

    I can't find middles for Piper, Nora, Sienna, or Aviana

    I love Eliana Joy and Eliana Joyce. Which do you prefer?

    I love Sienna Rose and Aviana Rose. Which sounds better/flows nicer?

    What are your opinions about the name Cate, not Catherine.

    (For #1 i don't like using Aveline, Ava, Avia, or Avalon for Aviana's variants. For Eliana's variants i can't/won't use Eleanor, Ellen, Elle/Ella, Eloise, and Elisabeth/Elizabeth for various reasons)

    Sincerely, Jules 💕

    Also if you have any suggestions for names you think i would like, please comment them
    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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