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    Hi all,

    Our little one is due in just 8 days and we did not find out the baby's gender. For the boy name we have100% committed to FN Logan! The middle name was to be Pierce, but then through Googling names we realized this is the monicker of a pornstar.

    Any suggestions on what to do? Should we stick with Logan Pierce? Husbands name is Michael and I really like the flow of Logan Michael but my husband thinks its too vane to name a baby after yourself

    Last name begins with A, similar to Armstrong


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    We don't usually use our mn's in real life so I don't think "Logan Pierce the Porn Star" is a huge issue (unless that's all you're thinking about now after your Google). Is Pierce his last name? I would worry more about the first name and the surname blending together (the "n" in Logan blends into your vowel last name and becomes loganarmstrong). If you think the porn star connection will crop up down the road, go with Logan Michael. I don't think it's vain to use your husband's name in the middle spot. Vanity would come more into play if you had a Michael Junior. Good luck!
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    I like Pierce it flows well with his FN and LN really no one will know about the porn star thing unless you tell them. It's not common knowledge for most people.
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    Logan Pierce flows and sounds nicer to me than Logan Michael. Logan Mitchell sounds handsome and Mitchell is similar to Michael but is different enough.

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    I honestly don't know the names of any porn stars. I think Pierce Brosnan would come to mind way before anyone else. I would imagine there are tons of porn stars out there with tons of different names. Especially if the association is a fn and you're using it as a mn, I'd say its a non-issue - unless it really bothers you, of course! Also, how long could a porn career be? Will this Pierce even be relevant in the porn world 5 years from now?

    Bottom line - I think you should go for it. Logan Pierce is a handsome combination! Congrats!
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