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    Older son's middle name as younger's first??

    My husband and I are trying to come up with a name for our third son and are having a disagreement. My husband loves the name George and is lobbying hard for it. I like it a lot too and don't have any problem with it other than we've already used it as a middle name for our oldest son, Henry. I say it would be too weird to use it again for a first name for another child, especially since we use Henry's full name often. I, especially, call him Henry George or Henry G a lot. I think it would be confusing and possibly upsetting for Henry to have to share part of his name with the baby.
    My husband thinks that I'm overthinking it and that its not a big deal. In his family, I guess it isn't, since his father's middle name is his father's brother's (my husband's uncle's) first name!
    Thoughts? Am I overreacting? Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue? (I have already suggested names that I feel are similar to George and my husband hasn't liked any of them...sigh!)
    Thanks so much!

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