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Thread: Do They Fit?

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    Do They Fit?

    In an idea I'm toying with, my main characters (4 sisters) have a rivalry with another family. To sum it all up, they find this family (the Ricardo's) to be very bratty, stuck-up, and annoying. All the members of the Ricardo family have strawberry blonde hair, except for the boy(who has brown), and they all have nasally voices. The names I have picked out for the kids are: Kelsey, Hadley, Sabrina, and Alex(boy) and their mom is Karen. Do you think they fit as siblings? Do they fit the descriptions? If not, please suggest some other names that fit the description above.

    If it helps, the 4 main sisters (the Carson's) are named Lindsey, Natalie, Jessica, and Kassidy.

    Thank you!
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    I'd expect the Carsons to be the nasally, annoying family based on the names. And I'd expect the Ricardos to have more Latin influenced names. Sabrina & Alex are great, though!

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    A family of blondes named the Ricardos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maepae View Post
    A family of blondes named the Ricardos?
    Yeah, this doesn't make much sense. Ricardo is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of Richard, so it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense without knowing their ethnic background and where they live (I'm going to assume the United States)
    As for the names, Kesley, Hadley, Sabrina and Alex are alright, but a bit scattered stylistically. Does this take place in modern times? Then maybe:
    Bethany, Kara, Jillian, and Connor
    Margaret, Alexandra, Kathleen, and Walter
    Evelyn, Adrienne, Jacquelyn, and Mason
    Julie, Shelby, Carly, and Jamie
    Autumn, Teresa, Savanna, and Noah
    Ashleigh, Allyson, Ariana, and Alexander
    Cecilia, Eva, Isabel, and Miles

    Is there a specific style you're going for? That might help me narrow it down.

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