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    Opinions for 3 brother's names


    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: similar to 20yrs ago, in a made up country where there is a great disparity between rich and poor. Influences from New Zealand (my country), Korea, and England/Europe.

    Brief Plot: The governing family of the region is rumored to be under a curse and has suffered many tragic and sudden deaths. The eldest son, now 10yrs old, has discovered the realities of the curse and must find the saviour that keeps appearing symbolically in his dreams to break the curse before it is too late for him or his younger brother.

    Character Names::
    Eliason Blaise Draco Nowell meaning, son of Elias, stuttering (but sounds like fire), dragon, last name means Christmas.

    Eliason's deceased identical twin brother
    Jaeden Leonidas Nowell meaning God will judge, lion

    Youngest boy
    Theodore Kay Aquila Nowell meaning gift of God, rejoice, eagle

    Anything else?: Their father's name is Elias, so I gave the first son a name referring to him.
    Their family is rich and smart. I imagine their father Elias would want them to have powerful names, whereas their mother (currently named Winifred) would want to give them quite unique names.
    I'm putting symbolism, biblical references and hints in everywhere so their names are important.
    Recently I've decided that I wanted to have a symbolic animal in all their names, hence the dragon, lion and eagle. They will be known by different parts of their names by different ppl. I wanted to give them unified nicknames that they would use within the family and this combination of names would work out as L, J, and K. Do you think it's better if I spell them El, Jae and Kay?
    Eliason would be known mostly as El from the position of his younger brother (a main character) and Blaise from the position of the female lead. He dislikes the usage of his first name because of his cold relationship with his father.
    Theodore would be known mostly by his nickname, as both his brother and the female lead would use it.

    Do you think it would sound better if it was Eliason Blaise Aquila and Theodore Kay Drago?
    I felt Blaise suits a dragon better and Kay the eagle though.

    About the characters:
    Blaise is emotionally scarred by the death of his twin brother at an instance where he almost drowned too. He is generally quiet, but has bursts of anger. He's intelligent, tallented, critical, cynical, and seems arrogant, but he actually has a lot of self doubt and fear. He speaks harshly but he's more sensitive than you would think. Pretty much everything he says is not the way he actually feels. If you manage to get close to him, he is fiercely protective and selfless. Brown hair, green eyes.

    Theodore (Kay) is quiet and seems a bit odd to ppl. He is intuitive and stares with dark brown eyes that seem to see your soul. He is curious and ingenious, a sorehouse of facts and ideas. He's kind and often seems like he's in his own world. He admires his older brother a lot and tries to support him. Has wavey black hair, usually kept quite long.

    Jaeden doesn't feature much while he's alive. Brown hair and green eyes.

    My criteria is quite tight right? Lol. But I'm open to new suggestions, particularly for Jaeden's name.

    Until recently their names were
    Ellison Blaise Dante Nowell
    Jaeden was a girl called Melita
    And Theodore Kaede Aquila Nowell.

    If you suggest new names, please include the meaning.

    Please let me know your thoughts!

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