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    Name the babies! G1R1 (fantastique)

    Family 1:
    Allison Grace and Stephen Richard got married three years ago and just found out they were expecting not one, but two baby boys! Allison would like their names to end in -n just like her and her husband's. Stephen wants the middle names to be different from each other, but mean similar things (like Alexios and Sander or Aurelius and Goldwyn).

    Family 2:
    Catherine Isabella and Alexander Jacob have been together for six months, and decided that they wanted to have a child. Alexander unfortunately had a low sperm count, so the couple decided to adopt a two month old girl from foster care. They want her first name to be a timeless classic like their own, and her middle name(s) should honor the woman who runs the foster home she was adopted from, Eleanor Priscilla.

    Family 3:
    Myrtle Madison and Ulysses Tyler were paired up for their school dance in twelfth grade and have been together ever since. The couple already has a four year old son, Ryker Edwin. Recently, Myrtle found out she was having another boy. Ryker wants his brother to have a "cool" sounding name like his, and Myrtle and Ulysses want his middle name to start with 'L' and be well known but rarely used anymore.
    DS: Ryker Edwin

    Family 4: Genevieve "Jenny" Hester and Alfred "Alfie" Garrett are expecting a baby! They don't want to find out the gender until it is born, but they want to have a set name for their child. The first name must be unisex but commonly used for boys, and the middle name must also be unisex but commonly used for girls (like Toby Blair).

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