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    I need more names! :)

    I am very very VERY picky when it comes to names, especially girls. I love unique, not overused or too popular (i'm talking in the top 25) feminine girl names.
    Here's my list:

    Madeleine Elisabeth
    Sienna Rose
    Piper Elaine
    Eliana Joyce/Joy
    Maya Juliette

    I know its super short
    I would appreciate if i had some opinions on these names, and lots of suggestions on other names i would like, thanks!

    Sincerely, Jules XOXO
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    Madeleine Elisabeth is stunning and you can't beat that combo at all...

    The other names seem fairly trendy to me, and maybe even a little predictable, especially Sienna Rose. I have nothing against Sienna & Piper, I think they are cute but not particularly unique. Piper Elaine is sweet, maybe you'd like Piper Caroline, Piper Adelaide? Sienna needs a more unique middle name IMO - maybe Sienna Violet, Sienna Imogen, Sienna Rosemary (better than just Rose), Sienna Jessamine, Sienna Josephine?

    Eliana sounds and looks very trendy, and fits in with the whole Liliana, Ariana etc.

    I'm not at all keen on Calianne, maybe Calliope?

    How about...

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    Thanks! I really appreciate your comment! I didn't realize how popular Sienna, Piper, and Eliana were! I have never met anyone with those names, so i guess i just assumed they weren't used often. I love the Sienna Rosemary combo, but i dislike just Rosemary. Are there any other Rose names besides Rose or Rosemary. Also, do you think that Sienna Rosalie sounds okay?
    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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    Madeleine Elisabeth and Sienna Rose are gorgeous!!!! No others needed

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    Love your name list hopefully I can help add a few...
    Similar to Madeline...
    Adeline, Margaret, Abigail, Charlotte, Matilda
    Similar to Sienna...
    Kiera, Gianna, Mila, Brianna, Michaela, Serena
    Similar to Piper...
    Fifer, Harper, Arden, Parker, Harlow, Olive
    Similar to Eliana...
    Leona, Amara, Ariana, Luciana, Maya, Alana, Melia

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