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Thread: Viola :)

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    Viola :)

    Hey Guys,

    Viola is a name I have been crushing on recently and I wondered what you all thought of it?

    Is it usable in this day and age or is it too Old Eccentric British Aristocrat?

    Just what do you think of it in general?

    thanks xx
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    I looove Viola! I definitely think it's usable, and a good alternative to the popular Violet (which I also happen to love).
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    Viola is my favorite name ever-- it's been my #1 since before I joined nameberry. There's the Shakespearean cred, and then there's also just something about it that I can't articulate but that I really love. I think it's totally usable, especially now that Violet's on the rise.
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    I love Viola nickname Lola

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    renrose Guest
    I love Viola pronounced like the flower (vye-uh-la). I don't like it so much when it's pronounced the same way as the instrument though. 'vye-OH-la' always sounds harsh to my ears.

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