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Thread: Castiel?

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    We have had quite a rough time thinking of boy names we like. We managed to compose a list:

    My sister came across the name Castiel while doing research for her thesis (about angels).

    We totally loved it, but after some research of our own, we found out that it is the name of a character in the tv show "Supernatural", which we don't watch.

    Is this a bad thing? What are your thoughts about Castiel?

    Any other name suggestions?

    Our older girls are named Zara Adrienne, Flora Tamsin and Portia Bryony.

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    I think you could use it. Supernatural is highly popular among girls and boys my age, so I think there is few who would get the connection.
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    Castiel's not bad as those things go, because if he wants, he can just go by Cas. But it is quite strongly linked to Supernatural, IMO.

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    My boyfriend son is Castiel

    I didn't know anything about it being in super natural

    I have a soft spot for the "super natural" names


    But they don't match my sibset

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    Quote Originally Posted by danicanikolai View Post
    Our older girls are named Zara Adrienne, Flora Tamsin and Portia Bryony.
    Not according to your signature... What happened to poor Fiona? Calling troll on this one.

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