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Thread: Castiel?

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    Not according to your signature... What happened to poor Fiona? Calling troll on this one.
    Have you ever considered autocorrect changed it?

    I apologize and I will change it, but really, her name is Flora. Check my other post.

    No need to scream wolf.

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    I love the name Castiel, as I also have this on my list of boy names. Castiel isn't just an angel on Supernatural, Castiel is a legit angel that guards over Thursdays. I love the nickname Cas, and I love how the name looks like the word castle. Castiel is a unique, yet sophisticated choice in my opinion.

    Castiel means "my cover is god."
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    At first glance, it reminded me a castile soap.

    The archangel's name is Cassiel, which I think sounds better

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    I don't hate it, but I don't really love it either.
    With Zara, Flora, and Portia I'd put something slightly more familiar.
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    I really like this name. I think the tv show Supernatural makes it more usable as the name is more well known now.

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