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    Thanks for the responses so far. I didn't realize it was a contentious issue. That's unfortunate. There's plenty of names out there that I dislike, but respectfully, to each his own. Trends have been around for as long as we've been naming babies!

    I don't understand a lot of the celebrity baby name trends, for example. How weird do you have to go?!

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    TBH with out tying to sound rude at all this is one naming trend that has always really annoyed me. I've just always thought that with the exception on unisex names that boys names belong on boys and girl names belong on girls. But that being said that's just my opinion and people should be free to name their child whatever that want. I went to school for a couple of years with a girl named Tyler. But I really don't mind boy nicknames of girls with a longer form of a girl name.
    My top ten names for each gender always subject to chance


    Elodie, Willa, Imogen, Isadora, Adira, Lyra,Emmeline, Aya ,Delaney, Alexandra


    Lachlan, Callum, Breccan, Pierce, Rafferty, Calder, Tavish, Finnian, Archer, Paxton

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    I like some boy names on girls! I do think it is prudent to pair with a feminine middle. Maybe...

    Logan Elise
    Tyler Victoria
    Cody Elle
    Ryan Alexis
    Loki Ann
    Shea Aveline

    Good Luck! You are right, trends will always be around and names will always change. Heck, at one time Madison, Taylor, Tracy, vivian, Dana, Evelyn, jocelyn, Kristen, Claire, Jade, Whitney...(the list goes on) were all originally boy names. Personally, I still love both Addison and Avery for a boy, although some may argue they've gone to the girls, I would still use them on a boy. It all comes down to personal preference. Opinion is a wonderful thing...Some will love and some will hate....thats how it always is =)

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    I have a unisex name, which is more often used for boys. A compromise you might make with DH is to make the middle name something feminine. I didn't like having a "boys name" when I was young and wouldn't give my daughter a boys name for that reason, but I am cool with my name now. However, I almost always use my full name in business. I am used to people mistaking me for a man and don't really care, but, with our electronic world, some people get very uncomfortable if I have to correct them via email re: my gender. So I'm not really against unisex/boys names, but would recommend something like Charlie Rose [last name] over Charlie Spencer [last name].
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    I have met girls named (some of which are unisex I suppose):

    Finnian nn Finn
    Bodhi nn Bo -- Struggled to let this one go for my girl. Adore Bo.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head without going into unisex territory. Otherwise, without a female association, I have a hard time picking full-on boys names that I'd give to a girl. I love the name Harper, despite it's popularity. And I also love the more girlish yet still quite tomboy Briar. I also love the feminization Eliette.

    p.s. Charlie Rose is a talk show host….just to throw that out there. And male!

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