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    I prefer Elsa Katherine.

    I also anticipate Elsa getting more popular. But something else to consider, even if popularity doesn't bother you. My daughter's name is Elsa, and she is growing very annoyed by the reaction other children (and adults!) have to her name. When hearing her name, they immediately reference the movie, joke with her to show them her magic ice powers, start singing let it go, etc. Even people that knew her name before the movie (like her teachers) enjoy poking fun at it. I am hoping this fades in time, but for now my daughter has told me that she doesn't like it at all and she wishes she had a different name. Which of course makes me very sad, because I adore her name and want her to love it, too. Like I said, I am hopeful that she doesn't continue to feel annoyed by it, and can embrace and love her name and just roll with the comments......but right now they are really bothering her. Not to discourage you from using Elsa, I just wanted to share our "real life" experience.

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