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    @cristinamariane - Thank you....I am starting to feel the same way as you about the combo of Anastasia Rain and leaning more towards Anastasia Wren. I added this one fairly recently to my list so I still have some playing around to do with it and am very open to suggestions! Before it was brought up on this post (I’m not meaning to sound daft), I actually never thought about the fact that Asia could be taken offensively! Darn! Thanks for pointing that out.

    @victoriana88 - Hmmm it seems as though you and I have very different taste! I do still appreciate your feedback and opinion. As far as Marija goes, I’m not sure if you read this on my original post, but it is a family name (my grandmas, my moms and my middle) so that is why the spelling will stay that way =) The same goes for Blanche, Vivienne, Layne etc. I am very happy that you live River! It is one of my current favorites...since you also love it, what would you suggest as a middle?

    @trysaratops - Thanks for your thoughts! =)

    @geeknamezyo - Thank you for your detailed breakdown. I am with you on the Anastasia Wren! I think I will be changing that! I do have a heard time pairing blanche approriately as a middle. It is a family name though so I try to make use of it...Ill try playing around with it on more “unusual” names. Tatiana Marija is meant to sound Slavic as that is my background =) nice catch ;-)...hence some of the more uncommon/scandinavian/slavic names you may see on my list. You are so right about the back-to-back A’s on Saphira Aveline! hmmm I like your suggestions of Seraphina Blanche and Violet Aveline! Thank you! As per Laika...I get a lot of flack on this one. As per my heritage, I am aware of the dog connotations, I couldnt help but like the sound of it though so I had to play around. Doubtful that I would ever actually use it.

    @lunamonster222 - Thank you! Primrose Vivianna is also one of my current faves!

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    Ada Lorraine - Love this!
    Anastasia Rain - Pretty! Anastasia is one of my favorite names. I don't love Rain, but I don't dislike it either.
    Arwen Taylor - I like Arwen, but I'm not overly fond of it paired with Taylor.
    Asia Lily - Don't like
    Aveline Blanche - Don't like
    Caia Blanche - Don't like
    Clara Marija (prn Maria) - Its okay. I love Clara.
    Clea Brooke - Like them separately, but not together.
    Elle Vivienne - Ella Vivienne sounds better, I think.
    Elke Marija (prn Elle-kah) - Don't like
    Elsa McKenna - Elsa is cute, McKenna not so much.
    Georgia Liv - Don't like
    Hera Lucette - Lucille would flow better.
    Isla Primrose - Like them, but not together.
    Laika Brighton - Don't like
    Lily Emmeline - Cute!
    Logan Elise - Don't love Logan for a girl, but they sound good together!
    Loki Ann - Kind of cute.
    London Elina - Its okay
    Lucie Rue (been told this is too cutesy...but I still have soft spot for it) - Definitely cutesy. Maybe Lucille Rue?
    Lumi Wren - Don't like Lumi
    Luna Monroe - Cute
    Lyra Vivienne - Pretty
    Meika Heidi - I don't think they pair together well.
    Mila Claire - Cute
    Primrose Vivianna - I actually kind of love this.
    River Lorraine - Don't love River
    Rain Elina - Don't like
    Saphira Aveline - Don't like Aveline
    Shea Aveline - Shea is pretty.
    Shiloh Layne - Love this!
    Skylar Victoria - Its okay
    Sparrow Alexis - Don't like Sprarrow.
    Sirrah Lilac - Not fond of Sirrah. Makes me think of a child trying to say Sarah.
    Tatiana Marija - Love!
    Tyler Victoria - Not fond of it.
    Vienna Jean - Dislike
    Violet Elle - I don't think they flow well.
    Seraphina Oceane ( Prn Oh -shee-anne) - Love Seraphina. I like Ocean better than Oceane.
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    My favorite combos are Elle Vivienne and Lily Emmeline.

    Favorite names from your list -

    Clara (I slightly prefer Claire/Clare)
    Elle Vivienne (I love both names and both are on my list)
    Lily Emmeline (same as Elle and Vivienne)
    Ann (although I prefer Anna)
    Sparrow (Sparrow would make an adorable middle name or nickname but I personally could not use it as a first name)
    Lilac (I love Lilac as a middle name, so beautiful)

    I absolutely love Rose, I do not really care for other Rose names. Rose is such a gorgeous name.

    Emmeline Sparrow
    Anna Sparrow
    Ann Lilac or Anna Lilac (I have Anna Lavender on my short list)
    Vivienne Sparrow
    Vienna Lilac

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    Primrose Vivanna is absolutely stunning, love this!

    To be honest apart from that combo the other's aren't really my style - some are very trendy and masculine and other's seem quite mismatched, e.g. Elsa McKenna.

    Tyler, Sparrow, Skylar, Shiloh, Shea, River and Logan are far too masculine for me.

    Alexis, Rain, London seem very trendy.

    Ava, Lily, Isla and Violet are pretty but very popular.

    I like Anastasia, Clara, Elsa, Hera, Georgia, Luna and Mila as FN's but not their combo's.

    If I could suggest some combos...
    Anastasia Lily
    Georgia Emmeline
    Elsa Primrose
    Clara Vivienne
    Hera Vivienne Hera Emmeline

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