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    Exclamation Thoughts on Jameson

    My husband told me the other day he has a new front runner for our baby boy due this summer, Jameson. While I'm not entirely opposed and ready to shoot this down, I don't love it. The whiskey reference is kind of bothering me, like people are going to think we love drinking sooo much we had to name our kid after it. Any thoughts on this name? Is it usable or not? Have you ever met a Jameson? Would you immediately think of whiskey? He never shows any interest in names so I'm really trying to let it grow on me! Help!
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    My first thought with Jameson isn't whiskey, but instead a brand of vitamins (though it might be Jamieson with an "I" in it now that I think about it...). Anyway, that was my first thought.

    As far as last-names-as-first-names go, Jameson is one of the more handsome choices. Plus, I think Jameson goes very well with Harper. Perhaps consider giving him a more classic, and first-namey kind of name in the middle, like your daughter has (btw I love Harper gorgeous, and Kay seems unexpected and retro in the middle).

    Good luck!

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    I've noticed a lot of people on baby name forums asking about Jameson. Personally it's not my style and I just think of Pornstars and Whiskey but the younger generation (your sons) won't know who Jenna is so that's possibly irrelevant.

    Only Jameson I have met was a little boy whose middle name was Jack. I immediately assumed he was named after liquor when I saw both names. The mom was pregnant when he attended our workshop and I wondered if she would name her next child Hennessy Kahlua or something.

    That all being said I think it depends on what middle you pair it with and how you conduct yourself. This lady had a giant playboy bunny tattoo on her breast and was attending a mandatory parenting skills workshop (court ordered) so my assumptions may have skewed the name for me.

    Also growing up in an urban area I have met a lot of kids named after various alcohols like Cristal, Bombay, Bullitt and Jack Daniel come to mind.
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    Thanks claireelise! Harper and Kay are both family names withy heavy meaning, and we just are not meeting that with our male options. The middle name would most likely be matthew or Lawrence.
    Misspix, it took me forever to figure out the whole pornstar thing! I think she was even before my time, so I'm not too worried about that. The woman you described sounds like she was intentionally trying for that. Yikes!
    mommy to harper kay ~ 2010
    # 2 on the way! little boy is due july 2, 2014

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    Personally I think Jameson is fine as it just seems like an extension of James. It also has the lovely nicknames James and Jaime. No I don't think of it as anything but a name.

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