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Thread: Martha?

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    Martha popped into my head out of the blue and I think it would be just adorable and somehow very fresh on a little girl (even though I kind of find the name a bit stuffy).

    What do you think of Martha? Ready for a comeback?

    Any nickname and/or middle name ideas to make it fresh and spunky?
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    Martha is in my top 5! I love it so much, it sounds so cute and makes me think of a sweet little girl with blond curls! My combo is Martha May x

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    I have posted this before, but I really wish I liked Martha. My grandmother's name. However, I just find it very old fashioned and not in a vintage way. I have met a few little Martha's and I just felt sorry for them.

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    I knew a girl named Martha in high school. She was a very smart, nice person. But, she hated her name because she couldn't get a nickname out of it (and I don't think she had a middle name). She now goes by Mae instead.

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    I love it! I've met one 30 year old Marta and one 5 year old Marta but never an actual Martha. It's a vintage name and at the same time it isn't an old lady name. It's a shame there aren't that many little Marthas.
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