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Thread: Ellaline?

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    Question Ellaline?

    Hey Berries!

    So I really love Edwardian actresses, they were photographed so beautifully and elegantly, with fur coats, hats or beaded gowns. I just adore that whole era really. While I have been looking into them for quite a while, I came back across Ellaline Terriss, is Ellaline made up or a legitimate name? Beyond her though it seems to be rarely used.

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    I'm not sure if it's a legitimate name or not, but I can see an Ellaline fitting in easily with her friends Ella and Adeline. It's quite pretty--the only thing is, I'm tripping up on all of the L's when I say it! Still, I like that it has some meaning for you and I say use it if you like it.

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    Ellaline sounds and looks made up to me. Just a smush of Ella and Caroline/Adeline/etc. I'm not a fan of it... I don't all of those L sounds together.
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    It does look made-up to me, and I'm not in favor of the large number of Ls going on with that name. Sorry.

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    I think its unique. Elle or Ella as a NN. It's a little heavy on the L's but it can work if you keep L's out of the MN and don't have in in your LN.

    Ellaline looks more made up than Elleline for me.

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