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Thread: Middle names?

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    Middle names?

    I need middle names for Piper and Callianne/Calianne. Wdyt of Piper? Do you like the spelling Callianne or Calianne? And lastly, is Calianna a bit much?

    Sincerely, Jules xoxo

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    I don't like Piper, but do like Calianne. Calianna might be too much, but I just like it! I prefer Calianne, thou.
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    Seperately I love both names. As twins (assuming this is for twins) though, I think they are in very different worlds. I see Piper as a carefree spirit who is very spunky and Callianne (prefer this to Callianna), as a sweet, smart girl. Not trying to dissuade you from using them together, just my opinion. As for middle names, without a firm grasp on your naming style (ie: classic, trendy, unisex, etc.), I kind if just took a shot in the dark.
    Middle names:
    Piper Christine
    Piper Louise
    Piper Marie
    Piper Lucille
    Piper Mae
    Piper Olivia
    Piper Victoria
    Piper Corinne
    Piper Josephine

    Callianne Rose
    Callianne Rebecca
    Callianne Marie
    Callianne Isobel
    Callianne Rae
    Callianne Ruth

    Hope this helps in some way!
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    I prefer Calianne with the one L, and I dislike Calianna. Calianne is refreshing.

    Piper and Calianne sound nice together, if that matters.

    Piper middles: Piper Juliette, Piper Evelyn, Piper Simone

    Calianne middles: Calianne Ruby, Calianne Judith, Calianne Maeve

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    Thank you for your input, greatly appreciated!

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