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    5. Replacing Tristan & Rachel

    5: 'REPLACING X’ Form

    Genre of Story: Semi-realistic sci-fi?

    Time Period/Location: Modern day, Washington, D.C.

    Brief Plot: A teen accidentally invents a mind-control device out of a HAM radio. In his experimenting, he involves three other people. One of these works for the government, and indirectly gets all five of them taken in for questioning. Then, a wild chase ensues after the five escape that ultimately leads the young inventor to make a big decision.

    Unchanged Characters: WilliamBillParker, Clark Gordon, and MarciaMarcy” Holloway, the three adults whose lives are disrupted by the teens. But I can be persuaded out of almost anything except the plot at this point, which I swear is better than it sounds.

    Character 1:

    Current Name: Rachel Veronica Wynn.

    Reason for Change: This character used to be a minor one, but I switched her to the narrator, and I feel this promotion deserves a name change.

    Character Description: In sharp contrast to her boyfriend (see below), she was born to an upper-middle class couple and is their only child. She’s a goody-goody, and wears rose-colored glasses until she’s taken in for questioning, where they are basically shattered. She’s sheltered, to put it simply. She’s a happy person until the end, when she becomes indecisive and a tad panicky. On top of all this, she’s bossy and pushy, but has good intentions (isn’t that always the case?).
    She looks like this.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Not relevant. But if you’ve got any ideas, throw ‘em at me!

    Already Considered (if relevant): Rebecca, Julia, and SamanthaSam.”

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Anything that’s too unique, since she’s supposed to be very normal. Or too Southern, like Ada or Clementine or Georgia. But at the same time, I’m not looking for something so normal as Elizabeth, unless it’s for the middle name.

    Anything else?: I don’t think so, but you can always ask me for elaboration on anything!

    Character 2:

    Current Name: Tristan Cole Young.

    Reason for Change: It’s just wrong for him. I can’t explain it. This guy is not a Tristan. Besides, I hear Tristan all over the place, it seems.

    Character Description: He’s a very teenagery teenager. Sarcastic smart aleck. A bit bitter. Has less than stellar self-confidence. But boy, is he a smart cookie. He’s smart enough to question everything he’s told, and always prefers to figure things out on his own. Very introverted.
    He looks like this, but occasionally wears glasses when he’s too lazy for contacts.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): His father is a drunk named Michael Andres Young, and he owns a gas station. His mother was Helen Pickford Young, but she died in a car crash along with her other son Elliot Pickford Young (name change for bro, too?).

    Already Considered (if relevant): Not relevant. I’m really stuck.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Pretty much all of the same rules from his girlfriend’s name apply here.

    Anything else?: Ask me questions if you have any!

    ~ ~ ~

    EDIT: I have chosen Rachel Kore as the narrator's first and last name, but I still need a middle, and her boyfriends is still nameless!
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